Christian Outreach

Christian Outreach meets the Second Monday of each month at 2:00 pm


St. John’s Christian Outreach Creed

in Memory of

Amy Anderson

Do all the good you can, by all

the means you can, in all the

ways you can, in all the places

you can at all the times you

can, to all the people you can,

as long as ever you can.


Christian Outreach Committee

The Christian Outreach Committee serves church families and families in the community that are in need. We provide meals, rides, housecleaning services, food for the local food shelf and prayers for those in need. The funds needed to support these activities are raised through a variety of activities. Cakes, Hot Cross Buns and a variety of breads were made and sold on Palm Sunday. In August the Farmers Market offers garden product and baked goods. October is Booya and Chili month followed by a craft sale in December.

During Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas we provided 20 holiday meals for those in need. The giving tree was set up in the fellowship hall so members of the congregation could donate gifts to the less fortunate. The congregation helped 16 local families and sent several large bags of needed items to Pajama Pride, an organization that offers support to those involved in domestic violence.

The committee sponsored Pastor Appreciation Day, provided meals for 4 funerals and served Fellowship Breakfast the 1st Sunday each month. The committee is the holder of the pray chain and we had 20 prayer warriors in 2017. Holiday cards and Birthday cards were sent to members over 70. Get well, thinking of you and praying for you cards were sent to members of our congregation who needed a lift.

Chairperson: Linda Dilts, Secretary: Carol Arceneau, Treasurer: Linnea Kment, Cards: Linnea Kment, Council Rep: Barb Peterson, Committee Members: all members are on-call as needed for specific events.

Submitted by Council Representative,

Barb Peterson