Is There A Difference?

Seminarian Scott’s devotion for the 682nd Engineer Battalion, Minnesota National Guard

2nd Sunday of Easter B 4/10/15
John 20:19-23

Grace and peace to you today from God our father and from our risen Lord Jesus Christ!

Happy Easter everyone! That’s right, Easter is still going on. We are currently in the 2nd week of the Easter season, when Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and his appearances to the disciples.

One of those appearances is where our Scripture reading for today comes in. The disciples are huddled up in a dark room, afraid that the same people that killed Jesus will come after them too. Little did they know that Jesus had already risen from the dead. Their Battle Buddies John and Mary were shouting something about Jesus being alive, but many of them didn’t buy it. I mean, why would they? Their friend and CO Jesus had just been brutally killed by the same folks that were cheering his arrival just a week earlier.

But then something happened. Jesus came into the room and said: “Peace be with you!” This is a common greeting in the Jewish culture of the day, but it still means something for us today. Jesus wants to come into our lives and say “Peace be with you!” All of that other crap you’re dealing with? It’s all gone because Jesus announced peace into your life.

Something else happened here though. Jesus commissioned the disciples, and then gave them a mission. He was sending these disciples into the world to preach the forgiveness of sins and new life through what Jesus did on the cross. This is a mission that all Christians share, you and me included.

As you go through the rest of drill and into your lives throughout the month, I want you all to think about these two things for me. I am asking you to think about how Easter has made a difference in your life. How has Christ’s resurrection announced peace into your life? How is Jesus sending you into the world to accomplish this mission?

If you answer these two questions, and I believe every one of you can, then what Jesus did on the cross can be just as real for you as it was when Jesus showed the disciples his hands and side in that dark room so long ago. Amen.

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